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@CelticCrafter wrote:

Personally, I think 6PM is a little to early to ask people not to call.


I agree, but she and her husband can set whatever hours they want in their own home.

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@GCR18 Unfortunately we don't have a block on our phone , and our cordless can't be turned off. 

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@sunshine45 This guy can't take a hint. He just leaves a message that says he will just call the next day. I can't believe this guy. Well we'll see what happens this week. 

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We have very close friends who sleep in and we all know don't call their house before 10:30 am.   They don't take calls after 9 -- of course, if emergency they answer (caller ID).


The simples solution is exactly what you did be honest and tell his friend.  Both your husband and friend should certainly understand your ill and need your rest.  I do wonder why your spouse didn't say something to him vs. you it's his buddy!,🤷‍♀️


Sometimes reading these boards I think I must be married to a "saint" he always is considerate when it pertains to my well being.


Pray you'll feel better soon🌹