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Am I asking to much to have people call before six at night ? I have health issues and take naps, we have a ritual of our dinner time, watch the evening news, and them relax with 2 game shows. This fellow that my husband met has a habit of calling at 8;30-9;00pm and I think that is to late sometimes we like to call it a night it we get tired and he calls and interupts our rest, especially mine.. I finally ask him politely to call before 6;00pm and he took an attitude with me, and acted really miffed . I told him that I am ill and need my rest. What's your take.

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There is nothing wrong with your request.  If he called again late, I'd consider blocking his number.

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i personally dont find 8:30 or 9pm too late to receive a phone call, but if you let him know that you prefer him not to call after a certain period of time then hopefully he respects your request. if he doesnt, just stop answering the phone OR turn your ringer off. he will then get the message.

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@BeccaLou  .......  It is your health, your house, your rules. No, you were not out of line. My brother is a morning person and prefers to get up early. He is usually in bed by 8:00 p.m. and has told everyone not to call him after 8:00 unless it is an emergency. 

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It’s perfectly reasonable for you to set your own household hours. Our phone ringers go off after 7:00 pm, no guilt or hard feelings, just how we like it
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You aren't being unreasonable at all.  Is he calling your house phone? If so, turn your ringer off at 6:00 p.m. You can check for messages if you're concerned about anyone trying to reach you due to an emergency.  If he's calling your cell phone, use the "Do Not Disturb" feature - this allows you to set times you do not wish to receive calls.  

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You could unplug the phone when you want to rest  - or if it's a cell turn it off.  Problem solved.

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I agree with the posters, it isn't wrong of you to set the times people can call you especially if you need rest because of an illness.  I would never be insulted or offended if anyone I know told me not to call after a certain time.  In fact I would want to know.


It irks me when people assume because they are up early or go to sleep late, everyone is on their schedule.  

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becca lou!


I meant to wish you well and hope your health issues aren't serious and soon you will feel better.  Stay safe!

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Re: "Just Wondering "?

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I probably would have asked my husband to tell his friend not to call after 6 rather than me.