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What am I doing wrong?  All of a sudden I can't get any reviews.  At the bottom of the page of product it will say Physician formula review - page 2.  I will click on it & nothing happens.  It says the same thing only page 3.

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The review icon is up top, under the product name.




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I had the exact same thing happen some months ago.  It went on for weeks with no resolution.  I kept checking these forums to see if anyone else was having the same problem, but never saw a mention of it.


I finally called Customer Service and was told that no one else had complained about this happening to them.  It may have been the CS representative that suggested that my web browser may be out of date (I think that is the right term .... I'm not real tech savvy).  


I can't remember if I was using Safari or Firefox at the time, but I did an upgrade to the latest version, and sure enough, it corrected the problem.  


The tech wizards are always upgrading programs, some to enhance the features, some as security measures to prevent viruses, malware, etc.  Sadly, you can't keep using the same release of anything forever.  You have to frequently upgrade, which is a big hassle for those of us who are not techies.  


So try upgrading to the latest release of your web browser, or change to a different browser, and see if that restores your access to the reviews.  Mine has worked well ever since I upgraded.  Don't ask me how I did that, I don't remember LOL!!!!  I probably had help from my husband .... he is my tech guru.  


BTW, I use an Apple computer.