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Just keep trying!


I was finally able to add 4 items to my cart and checkout, with no shipping charges.


It took a while, but persistence paid off!

i cant even click an item on to even look at it. or add to my cart. i will keep trying. nothing is working on my end.


@bonnie f 


For most of the morning I couldn't either, but since I had nothing better to do, I just kept trying and finally I could pull the item up and add it to my cart.


The problem with doing free shipping again tomorrow is that the same 'melt-down' will probably happen!


If your item is still available then........

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I thought the same thing.  System worked fine yesterday and will probably work fine tomorrow.  Couldn't get to my wish list. I had lots of things in my wish list but after trying all morning to order from that list I just gave up. They really do need to have free shipping another day.

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Why do these kind of issues always seem to happen on "free-ship" it because the IT cannot handle the volume online; this is absolutely ridiculous!  I cannot access items, wish list, items saved to cart, but was able to put something in cart and eventually have it accepted.    It sure is time for QVC to invest in "quality" IT for the website.  HSN does not have these issues and I have never experienced any problems there, and their exchange policy and return follow through has an excellent policy.

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  i would definetely order alot. but cant.. please fix the issue. or do it again tomorrow with the site working. 

@bonnie f   Yes you can.  The message gives you a # to call in your order.

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at Sun, Aug 30, 2020-10.50.39 AM.png

You can also call in your orders using the toll free # Q flashes on tv.







And, the CSR will be able to access my wish list??  Yeah. NO.

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There is an internet outage affecting many big companies - Paypal, Xbox, Hulu, etc. Centurylink is down as well as Cloudflare. It is causing problems with many big companies. It's in the headlines. Yahoo has been going in and out all morning. Probably out of QVC's control.

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Just 2nd rate of QVC to not be prepared for a free shipping day.

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 @bonnie f  Several lunchtime specials are doing the same thing. One said to call QVC. GOOD LUCK! 
  Technical difficulties again so we can't order. Like about a year ago when they had the last free shipping! 

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I was able to place an order using the App when the website wouldn't let me.

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Try automated ordering 800-345-1212.....i got through no problems!

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Same thing happened to me.  Seems like it happens every time there is free shipping.  Nothing I want that much for me to keep trying for who knows how long.  It really shouldn't be that difficult, especially when people are willing to spend their hard earned money with them.  
A lot of shoppers use a cash rebate site, and calling in to place an order, doesn't automatically mean there is no hold time, especially if they are having technical difficulties, it also means there is no rebate as well.

In addition, I noticed font size is messed up!