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Has anyone used either of these in place of the keurig? I dont want the caraf, Im just trying to get an idea for replacement for my platinum when it goes and the platinum seens to be discontinued.
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I have an old Breville K-Cup machine. I am looking at a

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Cuisinart ""On Demand"" is wonderful!!!

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My Keurig was making more noise than a T-Rex when pumping water and taking a LONG time to run the cycle. I replaced it with a Cuisinart SS700. It cycles faster than the Keurig did when it was new, the reservoir is a LOT bigger, and outside of a slight hum when pumping is almost silent. It also uses ANY K-cup and comes with it's own "My K-cup" filter stored in a compartment on the side. I really like it.

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I have had the Cuisinart version of the Platinum for st least 6 years and it's still going strong. No problems at all.

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I've had both (before my Kuerig) and Cuisinart is definitely a great machine....

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Cuisanart. I have the Classic 12-cup Programmable DCC-1100 Series. We had a Mr. Coffee before this one and DH and I much prefer this.

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Mr. Coffee is very dependable, no problems at all....had a Cuisinart a few years ago and it just stopped working at all after 8 we are staying with Mr. Coffee. Not fans of Keurig.

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Get another Keurig if u like the one u have.
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We have had Bunn for ten+ years. It's actually brewed!