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I have a hamilton beach flex brew. Works great! My mother has a regular cuisinart coffee maker. She loves it.

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Had both, chucked both. Another vote for Bunn. Brews 10 cups in 4 minutes.

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I traded my Cuisinart SS700 for A VUE and now yesterday when my second VUE broke, I traded it in for the Cuisinart SS700 which I should have kept all along. {#emotions_dlg.mad} Oh well I should be good now until I move to my new kitchen.

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Really love my Nespresso!

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My Cuisinart "Keurig" is about 5 years old and performing like a champ. I almost think that if it died and Cuisinart was still making them, I'd buy another instead of the 2.0.

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This is my opinion. We have the Cuisinart "Keurig" and after 5 years it still is going strong. Had a real Keurig, but as someone else said it was so loud I was afraid it would wake the dead!!

We also have the 12 cup Cuisinart Coffee On Demand and also love it. When I went to replace my old Cuisinart I purchased a Bunn because I am a serious coffee drinker and everyone said that was the one to get. Purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond thank goodness as they have a great return policy. After only 2 months, the machine would no longer dispense the water over the grounds but instead just built up inside. What a mess I had. Got a 2nd Bunn, in fact the "best" model. Made my first pot and when pouring my cup, I had more coffee on the countertop than in my cup. Couldn't believe it so once I cleaned that mess up I tried again only to have the same thing happen. I went online to reviews of this Bunn and saw everyone complaining about the terrible pot and how coffee would pour out everywhere. They all said you needed to purchase a different pot, an older model I think, but there was no way I was going to do that so back I went to BB&B and returned it. Bought the 12 cup Cuisinart Coffee On Demand and have had no problems.

End of story, lol. I'm sure BB&B got tired of seeing me, but I finally had a coffee maker that worked. I will give credit to the fact that the Bunn made the coffee super fast, but that is all the credit I can give it.


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Have used the Cuisinart "Grind & Brew" for years. One does have to clean out the "grinder" part about once a week, but that is easy & OK. And, of course, once a month clean out entire coffee pot with a cycle of a commercial CoffeePot-cleaning product or the standard vinegar solution. Usually replace coffee pot about every five years. Coffee suggestion would be a combination of Costco's Columbia and Real Kona (1-800-kona-4-me) or any other combination and strength that is appealing. Filtered water from a Brita-like water filter system ensures freshness and convenience in pouring water into the coffeepot's water tank. Strongly recommend warming the Stainless Carafe with boiling water (microwave) before running coffee cycle. Then discard boiling water from carafe before running coffee cycle. Note: hot water from carafe can be used to warm up coffee tumblers before filling tumblers & using for the day. Benefits include not needing to leave home for a fresh cup of coffee AND no expensive plastic cups to purchase & discard. The cost per coffee serving over time (compared to other sources) is impressive. Enjoy! the coffee, convenience and cost savings.

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Look at a Bunn. They keep water hot, like a Keurig, so when you pour the water in, the coffee comes right out. Good for cocoa and tea, also. There is a reason why all the restaurants use Bunns.

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Anyone tried a new competitor called ICoffee. It disperses water in a circular pattern to get all the grounds in the pod covered equally to get the most from the pod. I think Remington makes it. Saw it at Bed Bath & Beyond the other day. I like the concept, but unsure about the company making it.

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I've been looking for another brand too. I plan to get the Cuisinart one in black when mine finally goes. I've had my Keurig for a number of years but refuse to buy the 2.0 given the lousing ratings on all kinds of websites.