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Your competior automatically adds your new credit card to your profile so you can shop immediatley with your new card.  PLUS you also get a $10 credit for opening a credit card.  Do you offer this?  You lost a sale tomight.


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Q won't lose sleep over this!!

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Which competitor?  QVC and Evine use the same fiance company. 

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Aren't QVC and HSN owned by the same parent company too?

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@Just Bling wrote:

Aren't QVC and HSN owned by the same parent company too?

"QVC is owned by Liberty Interactive Corporation, which was formerly known as Liberty Media Corporation, and HSN is owned by Home Shopping Network, Inc."



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As recently as 2015, Liberty Interactive held a minority interest (38%) in HSN.  I don't know what's happened since.  Did they sell their shares?

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OP when I opened a q card, it was automatically added to my account.  I didn't get an opening bonus, but they have been giving either $10 or $20 lately.  Plus I think you can get the $5 new customer bonus.

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When I opened my Q card last year, I rec'd a $20.00 credit.

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I recently applied for a Hsn card and got 40.00 dollars off.Plus every few weeks if you spend 99.00 you get 20.00 off.

If Qvc offered anything close to that offer I would apply.

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Qvc is 100 times bigger than that competitor so they don't have to do things like that.