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In August of 2009 I had a nuclear stress test. Without going into all of the details, a mistake was made about the billing for this test. I called my insurance company and I thought it was all settled. Then I get a letter from a legal firm requesting payment. Again, sent them info, etc and thought it was settled once again. This has happened a few times during the course of the 2 and half years since the test. Obviously an error was made on their part.

Well, on Friday the secretary of the school where I work came down to my classroom and handed me the name of a lawyer and that I should call them. She teased me and asked if I was in trouble. I was very perplexed. Now bear in mind that in all of the years I have worked at this school, I never have received a phone call. I just use my cell phone. My kids are grown so no worries there for phone calls.

During my lunch I called back the number and low and behold it was this law firm. I was furious that they would get my phone number through human resources and call me about this stupid matter that should have been cleared up 2 years ago. Isn't that an invasion of privacy. I was mortified that they went through human resources and then to the principal's secretary. Were they allowed to do this? How dare they.