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real housewives of atlanta.... 12/4.... with spoilers and news

just a quick reminder that the real housewives of atlanta is on tonight!

also, for those wondering about sherees new home, here is an update:

Moving on, the drama surrounding Sheree Whitfield and Chateau Sheree continues – most specifically does it even exist? According to the Atlanta blog Tamara Tattles – no it doesn’t! Not yet anyways!

Upon being questioned by fans about the status of her new home, Sheree Tweeted: “not done yet, really just getting started! It’s been quite a handful…everyone’s on their own schedule & seem to have an agenda.” Basically, the house is in exactly the same condition as it was during filming!

The property that viewers have seen getting demolished over the last few episodes of RHOA was indeed purchased with the intent to build a new home – but it was not purchased by Sheree! Her mother, Thelma Ferguson, actually purchased the original house in a bank foreclosure for around $300,000 in Dec 2010, due to Sheree’s recent financial struggles. Sheree’s mother, Thelma is a successful author and MBA educated business woman who seems quite different from her <del>gold-digging</del> daughter. A copy of the deed is listed below.

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