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i wasn't paying attention when placing an order and clicked on wrong delivery address.  package was shipped UPS and en route before i realized my mistake.  i called UPS and apparently there was an option for them to hold the package for my pick up.  it was an automated system and that was the instruction i left.   10 minutes later local UPS called me and asked how they could help.  the upshot:  they corrected the address and it looks like the delivery the first of the week will be to the address where i originally intended it to go..   now that is what i call service.  and by the way, i live in Los Angeles, a big impersonal metropolis - which makes it even more impressive.   Way to go, UPS!  i applaud -  and thank you.

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Awesome. Ever called the post office? I was ready to gouge my eyes out, lol. It's a wonder we get anything. 

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My UPS guy just delivered a package from QVC today in the middle of a raging snowstorm.  It got here in about two days flat.  I fully expected it to be taken back to the depot and delivery reattempted on Monday, because we have a 700-foot drive that I hadn't gotten out to plow yet (storm only stopped about an hour ago).


But he used his commonsense and put it in my mailbox at the end of the drive so that I don't have to wait over the weekend.  Thank you, UPS!!!  Smiley Happy  (And QVC for such amazingly fast shipment!)