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Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

I am 30 in less than 4 weeks! I know about the "The Rules". Anything else that you found helpful? TIA

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

Stop looking & "The One" will fall in your lap when you least expect it.

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

I recommend online dating sites -- it's how my sister and I found our husbands.  Actually for me it was back in 1993 so it was through personals in the the newspaper.  IMO the best way to get what you want is to advertise for it.  lol    My sister used an online service and has been with her husband for over ten years.


Put together a few sentences that describe your personality and what you're looking for.  For me, I was looking for someone who wanted an independent woman who worked in a professional career-type position.  I wanted someone educated, intelligent, employed and progressive. 


I totally hit the jackpot and so did my sister.   We've both had some trials in our married lives -- I've been seriously seriously ill and my husband has stuck to me like white on rice.  My sister and her husband had a special needs  child and her husband is the BEST father you could ask for under the circumstances.  Their boy is so adorable and so loveable, buy he can be difficult at times.


Best of luck to you and I hope you get lots of responses.

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

My sister found hers on Christian Mingle.

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

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I totally agree with Mz iMac ~ it's always when and where you least expect it.  I have no idea why that is, but I can say from experience it's accurate as all heck....

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

I also agree with Mz iMac. It's when you stop looking, when you stop being desperate, stop being man hungry, that the right one will find you.


Men hate desperation. They can smell it a mile away, and it is a major turn OFF.


What do men like?


A strong, CONFIDENT woman, who is secure in herself.

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

I remember reading a book by Sally Jesse Raphael back in the 80's about finding love. I'm sure it's out of print now, but I think the gist of it was to just do you, do the things that you love and are meaningful to you. Be the type of person you wish to attract. You're young yet, don't let the 30 bother you at all. I married for the first time at 30, almost 31 and my friends were all in their early 30's when they married. I know it can be hard to concentrate on other things when you really want to find love, but it's the best way I've found. My husband was a blind date I went on right after I broke off another not very serious relationship. I was not really into going, not looking for anything out of it, and here I am still-for better or sometimes worse-Smiley Happy

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

The one what?    


That's what I was thinking when I clicked on this thread.  


A good place to start is .... what are you interested in?   If you play tennis, that's a good place to start.   It's always easier to meet new people and get conversations going when you have common interests. You get the idea.

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

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I think women should just be themselves and do the things they enjoy doing and don't worry about meeting someone . Lo & behold - if you are being true to who you are - you will meet a guy who has the same interests as you do and there will be the spark. Faking who you are by hanging out in bars or just going places with girlfriends because you think there will be guys there - you are not going to meet "the one" and it won't last because you don't have things in common. For instance - do you want to spend the rest of your life going camping or fishing because you met him camping,and he thinks you enjoy camping & fishing??? If you prefer going to art shows and that's what you do , you will meet someone there who you will actually have something in common with.

I know you all think I'm old fashioned but this is what I think.

ps - men run as fast as they can at the first sign that a woman seems desparate to find a mate.

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Re: Book Recommendations for Finding the "One"

Did you ever stop to think you are better off without "the one?" Don't depend on another human being to complete you. Just saying.