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adjustable beds?

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DH wants to look at adjustable beds where the head goes up. Any advice?

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I can't help you much.  I have a furniture store and have access to them if people want to order them, but I don't stock them. 


The only thing I've heard a few times is that their old adjustable beds had the mesage feature and they didn't like it or never used it.  So I probably wouldn't pay extra for that.


I have not even seen one.  I order them and they come in a box.  When the guys deliver it, they put it together at their house. 


I would kind of like one, but DH doesn't.



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We purchased an adjustable bed in June? I believe.  We love it. but then we often retire to the bedroom to watch tv or read before going to sleep.  Now I can't imagine having to get in a comfortable position by propping up pillows, etc.  

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We've been considering either a TemperPedic or SleepNumber bed for some time.  I'm concerned about being able to change the sheets easily.  You definitely want to buy one when they are on sale.  

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Three years back I took a friend to a local Sleep Number store so she could shop.


I wanted to stay out of the way, so I did my own "shopping" while she worked with a salesman.  I tried any number of beds and positions and liked several, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend so much when I sleep quite well most nights on my own traditional mattress and I don't mind propping myself up to read a bit.


My friend did buy, spending just over $4000 total for a queen-sized bed.  She was hoping it would allow her freedom from the pain she lives with constantly.  It certainly did nowhere near enough to justify its price --assuming pain relief is your underlying reason to buy.


One other observation - especially for those who live alone - a full-sized bed may actually cost more than a queen just because they sell so few of them.  For me, that made my decision easy.  Can't fit a queen into my current apartment!

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@millieshops -- Did your friend buy one where the foot of the bed was adjustable as well?  That style is so comfy in the store that I didn't want to get off it.  

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Is there a reason you husband is only interested in the head going up and not both the head and feet?  IMO it would be a mistake not to get one that both the head and feet go up (independently).

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Tempur-pedic adjustable.  Expensive but worth every penny..

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@tansy wrote:

@millieshops -- Did your friend buy one where the foot of the bed was adjustable as well?  T


And tansy, how tall are you?  I tried a couple at the mattress store and realized I am too short (5 ft.) to be comfortable.  I wanted one to raise up the headboard for reading but more importantly to keep my knees slightly bent at night to keep from stiffening up.  I needed a longer body trunk to match my head to the part of the bed where most people's knees meet.

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Tempur-Pedic if in your budget. If not, many of the regular beds are available with the adjustable base. It's a pain, but you have to go try em all out.