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@Desertdi wrote:

Been to the Wisconsin and California state fairs a number of times.    Went to the Arizona state fair was awful in comparison to the others.



I remember attending the Wisconsin state fair in West Allis during my childhood.  My first exposure to NASCAR racing and yummy cream puffs.  Still a NASCAR fan (go Ryan Newman!), but my expanding waistline made the cream puffs only a sugary memory.

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I've only been to our state fair one time shortly after I graduated HS.  I did go a few other times after that but that was only for a couple of concerts.

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I haven't gone to the Minnesota State Fair in about 10 years because my husband is not as fan.  It is hot, with expensive but yummy food, and LOTS of people.  I still think it is fun.  Our best memory was seeing Keith Urban perform on the free stage.  He was great!

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We have a big County Fair over Labor Day weekend. I enjoy taking the Granddaughter ONE day....Hubby would go every day if he could find someone to drag out there.


Many time when our daughter was young, they would go 3-4 days! She enjoyed the rides, animals shows and she even got her picture in the paper one year when they were showing her how to milk a cow.

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The State Fair of WV is held in Lewisburg, in Greenbrier County, which is nearly a 2 hr drive away.   I was married before I ever attended the fair for the first time, and have not been since 1997, when I took 3 teenagers. 


The fair is very nice, but I don't like outside activities.   I cannot tolerate sun and heat, nor do all the walking.   I enjoyed the exhibits in the WV Building and under the Grandstand area, the animals, and always had to have a ribeye sandwich and a funnel cake.   Within 2 hours I can see everything I want to see, and am ready to leave, so it's not worth making the trip in my opinion.


The county fair is in my own neighborhood, and I've never been to it.   Again, it's an outdoor activity, no real shaded areas to get out of the sun, so I'm not interested in going.    

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Last time I went to our local state fair I was about 16.... all I remember is:  









Nothing pleasant.  THE END.



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Moved to VA about 10 years ago and never been to it here.  But, when I was in NC I went and my favorite food was the roasted ear of corn .

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@SilleeMee wrote:

The reason I go....




@SilleeMee~~~Yes, same for me!  Thanks for posting the pic. Heart

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They have them in the winter in Fl. Never been to one . Fairs, carnivals etc are really not my thing.

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@cherzum wrote:

@EastCoastGal wrote:

@cherzum...the chocolate walnut fudge was just last summer! Lol. My best friend and I go every year. We both love going but we don't go on weekends...way too many people! 


I'll say good night now. Very late here on the East Coast.      I thank you and truffle for welcoming me back! So very kind of both of you!  :-)  I'll watch for you both the next time I'm posting. 


@EastCoastGal~~~Good night and I hope you have visions of State Fair chocolate walnut fudge dancing in your deams!  

@cherzum......How.did you know I would dream of the Fair's chocolate walnut fudge last night?!?! In my dream I asked them for the recipe and they laughed at me!! I thought to myself ... "No one laughs at EastCoastGal!!!" So after the building closed I snuck in and copied the recipe and opened my own candy shop. I was very successful. People came from all over the state. A lot of people would say it tasted familiar. "Uh oh! I have to think of something fast!" It's my mother's recipe...I told them. One day a woman came in.... Oh no!!! It's the woman from the State Fair who sells the fudge!!! "0h!! I remember you bought fudge from us. You stole our chocolate walnut fudge recipe and tried to say it was your own!! We're going to sue you!!" I looked at her in horror and said.... What? What happened?! Oh! I was dreaming! Oh! Thank goodness it was only a bad dream!!! Lol!!