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Would a parent do this or was it really a total stranger??

I was looking up at my security monitor in my home that showed the front of the house and I saw a man tugging a small child along who looked like the age of 4. I thought this was odd because clearly the child was tired and if he was really the parent would carry him....right?

So, after he passed my house I went outside and just kept watching and observed which side street he turned on. I then got into my car and drove up to him asking him if he knew directions to a certain store. He gave me the directions and as I thanked him I said oh, your son is very cute...what's his name? He told me his name and I said hello_____. The child turned around to see who I was talking to.....didn't know his name or that wasn't his name. Also, I didn't see a resemblence to this man. I said thanks again to the man and left while looking in my rear view mirror to see where he was going next.

When I was out of view, got on my cell phone and placed the call. {#emotions_dlg.crying} Better to be safe then sorry, right?