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How much coffee to water....

Just ordered and "old fashioned" percolators. Hubby and I had one when we first married 35 years ago, a hand me down, then received a drip maker as a Christmas gift about 3 years later. Have had 4 drip maker, one is in laundry room storage right now and have been using a Keuring for about 10 months. Actually, it's the 4 Keurig the first 3 had issues! We have been on vacation and once again had coffee from a French Press. Loved it. Got to reading about and thought maybe we should get one. Well, if I have to boil the water first and pour it over to drain through the coffee why not try an percolators again! Plus, I do remember them being hot cups of coffee, which coffee from the Keurig does not seem to stay hot past mid cup.

I can not remember how much coffee to use per cup when brewing in a perculator.

Anyone using a percolator that can advise? I purchased a 12 cup Presto (stainless steel).

PS I hope it sounds and smells like I remember. Both sets of our parents had percolators, both electric and stove top. I just loved that bubbly sound. My parents and my father - in - law are coming for Thanksgiving (dear MIL passed away 9 years ago) and I hope it will arrive before then so I can use it while they are here! Sentimental journeys.... Smile