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Would you buy this tsv ladder to give as a wedding gift?!  That's what the host just suggested!  I've never seen a ladder on a wedding registry!! But maybe I live under a rock.......

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I don't know if I would.  But perhaps if they were living together in an apartment, but were about to get their first house it would make sense.  Because in that case, they may already have several small appliances and such, but probably don't have items they will need to properly maintain a house.


It wouldn't be a flashy gift, but I don't think many people enjoy having to go out and spend their money on a ladder, so it could be a really good gift if they are people who appreciate practical items.

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Those stepladders are very handy for all kinds of things, from putting up curtain hardware to changing bulbs in overhead fixtures. 


But I like the one I have much better. I think it's by Cosco, and it has nice big deep steps, and it also has a tray that's an integral part of the top of the ladder (which folds). The tray is handy for holding tools, hardware, bulbs, dusting cloths, etc. I was surprised that this TSV ladder lacked that great feature. Sam's Club has one that looks like mine called Cosco 3-Step Max Steel Work Platform.


The plus on the TSV is that the weight capacity is 375, while the Cosco is 225.


But to answer your question, these are very handy to have. Sure beat standing on a chair.




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I think it would make a wonderful, practical wedding gift.  It's something every household needs and would be used for years and years. 


Nowadays so many couples have lived together and have every thing they need in the way of linens, towels, dishes, flatware and serving pieces.  It's kind of hard to think of anything really useful. 


I recently bought myself the other similar ladder Q sells as I was afraid to get on my old cheap one.  If I'd had a good one to start with, I wouldn't have needed to buy another.  It doesn't have to be on a registry to buy as a gift. 

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I wish someone had given us a Little Giant ladder as a wedding gift. We had a house to paint, a yard and fruit trees to tend. We needed a good ladder! That's something you buy once and you use it forever.
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In all honesty it would be a good gift!  I seem to recall a lot of the gifts were to set up housekeeping for the woman. Think of all the times, a ladder could be used by either of them. Everyone seems to want equality, and no lines marking sex, so why not! Good idea.

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Re: Would You.....

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I have seen many gift registries with ladders and tools on them.  It's something that those with houses really need.  My SO and I bought a really good ladder for friends for their wedding and the couple was thrilled with it and still have and use it some 20 years later.  A far better gift than a silver serving tray, etc.

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A wedding gift - no!


Maybe, if it was a combined his and her shower and I were related to the groom - but probably not.

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I received a step-stool for my bridal shower 39 years ago. I used it like crazy through the years! I gave it to my son when he bought his first home 3 years ago and he's still using it! Giving a ladder is a fabulous idea!

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