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@SharkE wrote:

True !

The best ones are those half yellow/half red variety  they're from Washington,            D, C. I guess. 


OH, think they're called Ranier ? I love those rascals, but, my , my they're high like 8 and up a lb. ONly out once a yr for few wks , so, I pay it



LOL...those cherries are from WA state, @SharkE.  Named for Mt Rainier.

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I bought a large bag of gummy bears yesterday and I’m going to eat them myself. Haven’t had them in a long time. I’m glad DH doesn’t like gummies.

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@kittyloo wrote:

dh brought home one of my fav's last nite for VD. a mouth watering tiramisu cake. can't wait for a nice slice of that tonite.  every once in awhile, you need to treat yourself with a nice little indulgence. 

@kittyloo, my favorite too! 

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@on the bay wrote:


That happens to be one of my favorites!

I cannot resist it if I see it at valentines or Easter.

I always say, (when people feel bad about eating something like that)-

"sugar is good for what ails you!"Woman LOL

(and yes I know that it really isn't. But actually sometimes it is).

And dark chocolate is good for you!  

@on the bay

There is something about that not too sweet chocolate paired with marshmallows that floats my boat ! Next up marshmallow bunnies !!🐇🐇



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You know what has become my favorite?

The 12 marshmallow eggs in a white egg carton at Walmart for $1.00!

And they are dark chocolate and so good!

Ok now I can't wait!Heart

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I'm on a 4:3 diet and trying to walk more. Husband is going out of town for 4 days. We'll celebrate Valentine's day when he returns. He bought me a box of Christopher Elbo chocolates - 4 specialty chocolates. I'll eat one each day he's gone. I said -- can't you stay longer?


Yes, it's good to treat ourselves now and again. Kudos to you for your healthy lifestyle. 

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Absolutely.  I don't do well when I have to hide from the things I really love.  Of course I have to listen and show restraint, but I find that's easier when I know I "can", maybe just not today!


Congrats, @QVCkitty1, on your success!

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@CheryYou didn't cheat! Or "treat yourself". Those cherries are in the super food list. Super good for you. Anti-oxidant, very high in Vitamin C, good fiber.


Keep on eating them Smiley Happy They are so good.

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My treat tonight was a couple of dates and walnuts; I love the way they taste together.  Also had a glass of red wine.

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Yes, I think a person does have to have a treat or you will end up going crazy or binging or both!  LOL!!!  DH bought me a nice, small box of chocolates.  I don't eat a lot of chocolates any more (love the stuff) because if I do I get migraines but I did allow myself 2 pieces.  Pure bliss!  If I was not trying to watch my weight and was not afraid of getting a migraine, I would have attacked that box with a vengence.  HA!  Just kidding --- maybe.  Seriously though, have a little treat now and again, enjoy it and do not feel guilty!!!!! 

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