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Try too.  

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I should also have said that the wig my friend had was exactly the

hair style she always wears and the same color as her hair ...


i have often thought that the wigs Sherry Shepards has on QVC

look nice .... Over here in Ft. Myers ... we have a large flea market

that has a wig salon in it .. and they will cut it and style them to

fit you .....


Good Luck ....Oh and I think Toni Bratton has come to the Q ...

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Hi @SophiaMarie, glad we've met "at the movies" too!


By first-time wig wearer, I mean basically someone like I was when I first explored that whole world, in my thirties.  I didn't want a steep learning curve-- I wanted something cute, immediately wearable, that wouldn't be hard to take care of, etc.  There are so many options, it can be confusing.


Luckily, I found a stylist who carried John Renau wigs, and she guided me.  By all means, if you decide you immediately want to try the wigs with more expensive cap features, like mono tops or parts, or lace fronts, you can do that.  But I remember all I wanted was something that would be flattering and look like real hair.  John Renau is good at that, as are most of the "mainstream" companies.


Since you want something short, with body or curl, you have tons of choices that DON'T HAVE to be lace fronts, or hand-tied etc. in order to get "realism".   For example, basic caps don't usually have parts in them that look like scalp underneath-- it isn't really necessary with short styles because the hair is all tousled around and just looks like a cute cut.


Same with "lace fronts".   They have a kind of netting at the front with individually knotted hair, so it looks like a real hairline, not just the edge of a wig.  But if your short hairstlyle has bangs, you won't need a lace front.  True, the wind could blow your bangs back, and the edge of your wig could be more obvious then.  But it's rarely a problem.


As we speak, I'm wearing a short, layered bob by John Renau that has a lace front, and am not all that enamored with it-- the front is too sparse, so unless I fool with it a lot, it doesn't look the way I want it.  For a short bob with bangs, I probably would have done just as well with plain cap construction on an old reliable like Noriko's "Cory" or Rene of Paris' "Audrey".   But that's just me.


Have fun looking at videos, esp. those of "real people", not models, and you'll determine what you lean to most.   Taz of "Taz's Wig Closet" does great videos, and Heather of Cysterwigs, and Patti of "Wigs by Patti's Pearls".   They are all on Youtube.   Best of luck, and don't get discouraged!  


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Although the woman kind of rambles on sometimes, I like watching wig reviews by Interpretive Options on YouTube.   

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Me too, @tansy, she seems like a sweet woman who really wants to help others.


I love her little dog, too!

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many years ago I use to sell wigs at a department store. Loved that department. 

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My friend with thin, fine and flat hair wears wiglets and it has made the most amazing difference.  She is like a new woman!

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Re: Wigs anyone????

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@puttypiesmom wrote:

@SophiaMarieyou should seek a wig store locally where I'm sure you will meet caring people who will help you with your needs and right now.  Prices may be hefty there but  you need guidance and a chance to see what works for you. That is their job.  

@puttypiesmom.  I second this idea.  You could try on different styles and brands to determine what is best for you without incurring a fortune in s&h fees getting and returning wigs.  I think a wig would be hard to buy online for a first-time user.

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I do not know if they are good or not but Iman has quite a collection at HSN🌻

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I've always wondered if there is a way to really secure them to your head.  My problem is I have very thin unmanagable hair that if I style it JUST right and hair spray the heck out of it I'm fine unless the wind is strong or it's rainy then I look like Phyllis Diller.  We like to go for weekend rides in the convertible with the top down or short (slow) bops around town on the motorcyle in the summer and trying to do anything with my hair so we could actually be seen in public is difficult. 

Would I be able to secure a wig on my head or would I end up looking like Phyllis Diller chasing my hairpiece down the highway?