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I am looking to buy a wig (for the first time).... My hair is not manageable anymore and I just want something to throw on when I go someplace besides shopping.


Can anyone recommend a brand for me to start with?  I have no idea where to start.  I don't even understand what "lace" means.  


This is Florida so I need something very lightweight and also short and curly if that helps.  

I would appreciate any and all advice and opinions.



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Do you mind telling me where in Florida you are .. i am in Fort Myers ...


I saw a friend at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and gosh her

hair had never looked better .. well I told her so and low and behold

it was a wig .....

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I am down in Miami (SW section).


Glad to hear about your friend's wig.  Do you happen to know whose it was??   I don't even know who makes wigs except Toni Bratton, who I watched on the H many, many years ago.  I don't even know if she's still around and if so, I don't know the quality of her wigs.  I want a "good" one.

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If you want a "good" wig I would recommend going to the website "Yelp", plug in data.  IE. your location and wigs.   "Yelp" is a site that takes reviews from customers on every and anything.  There are shops that specialize in wigs.  If you want a quality wig you should not limit yourself to what is available on a shopping channel or even businesses you find on line.

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Hi, @SophiaMarie!   Long-time wig wearer here.  Browsing on and will give you great ideas.  They have youtube reviews, and you can see what the wigs look like on real people.  About once a month, most online wig companies have 30% off sales.


A great first time wig is "Voltage" by Raquel Welch, since you seem to want something short and stylishly tousled.  The regular "Voltage" is a simple basic cap construction, which is good for a first time wig wearer.  If you like it, they have a fancier version that is even more realistic.


But for a short, curly/wavy look, the regular Voltage is cute and looks very real.  The other super first time wig is the slightly shaggy "Sky" by Noriko.  It's a little straighter and more razor cut, but can be tousled too.


Both wigs are "throw and go"-- no styling really needed.


Then you can branch out later, if you wish, to all kinds of great styles!

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I’ve been wearing wigs due to hair loss the last few years and I agree with @oznell about Cysterwigs. The customer service and support are personable and there are blogs and videos reviewing many of the wigs and colors. I’d start there for sure though if you have a wig store close by that’s a good option for trying on and getting a feel for what kind of hair, cap and style work best for you. 

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Take Oznell’s choice of the Raquel Welch Voltage wig, @SophiaMarie, and do a YouTube search.  You will get several videos to watch and before you know it, you’ve watched the wig ladies for hours — lol.  

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Interesting you mentioned the heat aspect of it.   I was just thinking about wigs the other day.  Not for me, as I have enough hair for 2 or 3 people.  But, especially as someone who is always hot, I cannot even imagine putting a wig on.  It seems like it would be so hot and uncomfortable.   But it's a good thing everybody isn't hot all the time.


I hope you find the right wig for you!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Wigs anyone????

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Hi:  First of all, I want to thank you for your threads on TCM.  I wait to see them every day and pre-record so many movies.  Keep up the good work.


Now, as for those wigs.  What do you mean by "first time wearer" and "more realistic"????  I know this may sound sttrange but what is the difference between a first time wearer and a pro? and as for realistic, I really WANT realistic.




ETA:  I remember a couple of years ago,  I did see a wig named "Voltage" by RW.  It stuck out in my mind, although I wasn't really interested at the time.  But, now that I see it in writing, I am going to look for it again just to make sure it was the same one.  If so, I am going to get it no matter what....... 


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@SophiaMarieyou should seek a wig store locally where I'm sure you will meet caring people who will help you with your needs and right now.  Prices may be hefty there but  you need guidance and a chance to see what works for you. That is their job.