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I got a picture Christmas card from my niece.  Her daughters are puckering for the picture.  My brother sends me a text pic of his college aged daughter.  She's puckering in the picture.  I see images online from younger "friends".  Yup, they've got the pucker look.




Ok..just posted this for fun.  But shouldn't someone be warning them about lip lines??  

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Fish lips.  It's just a silly fad - they think it makes them look s*xy.   

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Ha ha.  I never think too much about lip lines.  Maybe I should stop kissing my dogs so much!

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@Kalli   I think that is called the "duck face" and I have no idea why it is so popular.


It may have taken off from "blowing a kiss" but it could be just another trend among the young.

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OP, Perhaps you are looking at the photos with the wrong attitude, maybe they are sending you kisses? Just thought I would throw this view in the mix to lighten your mood.

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It's the stupid Kardashian look.

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It's pretty vulgar and low class especially for family photos. 

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Re: Why the pucker look?

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Whenever I see this I think "selfie."  This person takes hundreds and hundreds of selfies.  All the same.  They turn up frequently on shows like Dateline, the victim with many selfie shots of fish lips, 

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My niece and her friends do that in all their FB pictures.  


I just assumed it was sort of local (WV) thing.

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@Puppy Lips wrote:

Ha ha.  I never think too much about lip lines.  Maybe I should stop kissing my dogs so much!

Never, no never, it's my FIX  of the day.