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Re: Why is the Q hiding great salespeople

I don't even know who "KL" and "JM"!

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Re: Why is the Q hiding great salespeople

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That's interesting--it's related to a current thought I have about hosts I really enjoy watching right now. With a few exceptions among the long-standing hosts (love Carolyn, Jill, Mary Beth for example), I am enjoying the current class of new hosts plus those who immediately preceded them the MOST!  The class of new hosts handling the overnight shows--plus Courtney C (on Q deals now with Rick) and a few of the class she was in are the BES.!   Ali, Kathy P, the new Kathy (tall), and Mary Nelson are among my new favs in the group. One show I kept watching overnight a couple nights ago simply because the "tall" Kathy (sorry, I forget her last name) was just so informative yet enthusiastic about the clothes.  Then there was someone new early this morning I hadn't seen at all before--also doing well. I have to say KUDOS to QVC for the two most recent classes of host newbies. They stick to the products, try hard to give you complete info (okay occasionally are skipping sizes on the models, that will resolve itself), don't talk too fast, and aren't focused on gregarious laughing or wanna be just entertainment efforts. The difference is obvious. Whoever is selecting the new rounds of hosts are hitting home runs. I never would have thought I would actually enjoy the newer overnight shows/hosts MORE than primetime these days!


Thats a good post - I agree w you!