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Talk About Cute!!

7 Baby Cheetahs born to the mom, Vaila and Dad Kalu at Richmond Va zooHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

Congratulations to all! 


The live shot is much better. You will probably see them on many of the news stations. The zoo said this only happens in 1% of this many cubs being born at once.


I also did not know that the cheetah is Africa's most endangered cat.

So this zoo is certainly doing their part to up the cheetah population! They have also had

47 cubs in nine litters since 2013.


These babies are so cute and cuddly looking, I could see myself wanting to tame and keep them for a pet. But I know that is not allowed nor what would be a good idea for them or us I guessSmiley Sad

Still I wonder if they were raised as pets, would that take the wild cat out of them?

Maybe not. I know my grandcat acted like a wild one for 17 years. She's almost 19 now and very sweet-at last!

What do you think?

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

How very beautiful they are.  I love the "hairdo"- looks like a mowhawkish type thing. I'm pretty sure they'll grow out of it but for now it's great!

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

@on the bay.

So cute!

Thanks for posting,


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Re: Talk About Cute!!

Oh, look at their lush little coats and faces!  Unbearably cute-- now I want to hug my four kitties....

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

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Wow! that's incredible. I hope they all make it.

That's an unusually large litter for a cheetah. It's normal to have 3 to 5.

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

They are so cute.

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

Aww, thank you for sharing these pics. Just adorable.

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

So cute!Heart Cat Very Happy

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

Beyond adorable! 


May they all grow up strong and  healthy and have long lives!

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Re: Talk About Cute!!

If I showed this to my husband, he would want all of them!  Woman Embarassed


I'd be OK with just one.