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It seems there are several types of posting here:


1. wanting advice  -protocols, fashion, etc. 


2. baiting - well let us not go threre


3. wanting info,  One such post in food asked what a ingredient was.  Well lots of kind people answered but some of the answers were wrong.  Now it probably took her a few minutes to make that post - logging on, typing the post. etc.  BUT she could have googled the ingredient and gotten an absolutely assured correct answer because one of the first entries googled returned was from Webster's Dictionary. T he google took less 1/2 minute.   So why use a post to a forum when the www probably can give you an assuredly accurate answer in no time. I am not making a value judgement here, I am just plain nosy.  Yes I know you have to evaluate the source - wikipedia comes to mind.  But a definiton from Webster?


By the way as she got conflicting answers to her question, how did she determine which answer was correct????????


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I enjoy it/Like learning/Like passing on life experiences/Keeps my arthritic fingers more nimble/Enjoy a good debate on occasion. Most of all wondering why some ask strange questions.

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I don't think this is a strange question at all.  I've wondered the same thing myself.  I do think sometimes people ask questions- that could be easily answered by googling- in order to spark conversation. 



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Re: Why do you post?

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To help others, via my many decades of health, pet, and other experience.              (especially validating, as I'm not 100% self-sufficient)


To learn, grow, evolve, and stay relevant.


To share things that may be of interest.


To educate and hopefully open some minds. 


For the social connection/community.  

(I don't have regular RL contact with others)



Interesting thread, amaivy.  8)


BTW, some posters value their fellow Q members' advice over experts/etc. derived from Google.  :womanwink:








"Smart people learn from everything and everyone, average people only from their own experiences."
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my answer would be the same as feline groovy and john's....

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There's solace and comfort in the familiar, I think.   So many of us recognize each other and perk up to see a name we know.


Many here have shared important life events, and those of us with soft hearts wonder how things worked out or how the poster bounced back or how s/he coped.


I post on other specialized boards for many reasons, but this board draws me back always because of the human connection. I recognize so many here. It's a kind of comfort -- like, "hey, it's you!  So happy to see you!"


FWIW, I appreciate and like the new moderation.   I might not always agree with it, but forums like this do need oversight.  I'm glad the mods are attentive.  JMO.

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Hello, amaivy and welcome. Smiley Happy



I like to post about Nick Chavez, his products and when he'll be on QVC. I also like animals, too.

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I enjoy "talking" with others here!  Even if I have nothing really to add to a subject, I enjoy reading.  


Sometimes the topics are humorous, sometimes they are sad, sometimes a topic might really make me think or actually get me out of my comfort zone.


I also post a lot when I want help with product suggestions.  Everyone is really helpful to chime in and post what works for them or what they think what might work for me.


Also, there are so many lovely, supportive people here.  


"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." - Steve Martin
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I am interested in other people's thoughts and opinions and recommendations.  I am also retired and a llittle lonely and bored so this gives me the feeling of having people to listen to and  interact with.

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I enjoy the contact and sharing of information with people of differing experiences and cultures that I would not have a chance to experience in regular day to day life.

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