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Re: Who Switched Off My Brain?

@MaggieMack wrote:

Haven't read it, but completely agree with the premise. When I discovered the inherent power of forgiveness, a large chunk of toxicity left my life. 


Forgiveness is key @MaggieMack!

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Re: Who Switched Off My Brain?

Thank you so much and all with positive posts about my grand baby.  She was in Malaysia without her parents for six months.  She maybe going again. The new baby girl we found out will be here sometime in September or names picked out.  I love the name Chynna but they don't, its ok..........yes my DIL and I are getting along good. She has seen the lies from my sons dad and step mom.........knowing now all along I was telling the truth.  I just want peace and to live moment by moment and as far as having her 6 days.........yes that will be good and yes I have a next door neighbor that is an RN and a nanny if help is needed right across the street.  She will tire me but I need to be tired maybe I will sleep.  I am not taking any meds while she is here........if I am awake them I am awake........she is used to going to bed at 2-3 am in the morning so being with my former husband I know they have been putting her on a schedule.


I am better now to help with her because she is so sweet.  Gentle.  She is a two though and loves to run around but with me I think she will be fine, she is just wanting all the attention from her mom and dad...........she says daaa yyyyyeeeee  for dadddy. So sweet and she is my life line.  I adore her. I love her so much then I plan on going to their home sometime with her and staying for awhile.  We will all see how things go.  I have three great good female friends that will help me also so I am all lined up.  I just have to give her fresh veggies and chicken with fruit and some rice and diapers..........She has never been to a day care and she has been in one two weeks this Friday so I hope she does not come here and get sick. She is not used to being around children. I am sure she is having fun.  She is precious.