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I miss seeing Pat.  I hope she is well and she will be back soon.  
She is a great host and very calm and a pleasure to watch.

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Pat James-DeMentri's next scheduled show is Susan Graver Style on Fashion Day, Monday, October 12, 2020 from 10am-1pm ET.

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She's on staycation.  She mentioned it on her QVC Facebook.

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I hope she's having a nice vacation, as well.

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I have noticed a number of hosts recently stating they're starting their vacations. In all my retail years, there's always been an October rush to use up unused vacation time, because November 1st starts the beginning of black out dates for the rest of the year. I Imagine QVC, being a retailer, does that as well. All hands on deck those two important retail months. 

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That is nice as not have to be quarantined, as she is already at home. I frankly had enough of the home Skyping adding a third Host at home to the mix along with the vendor  to have four presenters when Jane T. returned. It was really annoying and I could not watch with the bouncing back and fourth that added nothing to the presentation. One does not hear alot of negative concerning Pat. I hope she has a nice rest.

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I assume those high profile sales people are working on contract and “host at home” fulfills their requirement
It’s annoying and it adds to the cost of everything they sell.
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I just saw her last week with Susan Graver