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@Pook wrote:

I really don't think there is an epidemic of skin cancer - just doctors who get everyone in a panic to remove what they call precancerous cells that maybe might turn cancerous a small percentage of the time.  Then these people say they had skin cancer  when it was only precancerous (fairly new terminology) so I'm sure these were around way back but just never amounted to anything as most do not!!  The 3 that actually had a small cancerous site were all women who were pasty white and never enjoyed the outdoors and sun!!    

I don't understand your post.  Any time I've had anything removed, it was sent to a lab to determine if it was cancer or not.  I got a yes/no answer....was never told that anything was precancerous.  I think I'd find another derm if I didn't get a clear answer.

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@hsawaknow wrote:

2 weeks ago I had a biopsy done on my nose. I had a red spot for years that didn't go away and then it started to bleed. I waited way to long and it came back as skin cancer.


Tomorrow I have to have Mohs surgery done at Stanford. Most likely they will have to do a skin graph and take skin from my forehead or the back of my ear.


I loved the sun but didn't wear sunscreen until the 90's and yet skin cancer still found me, and now I am paying the price for that golden glow of looking tanned.

Prayers for you @hsawaknow. I hope your surgery goes well.❤️