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I used to always pick up coins, now I only do it sometimes.  A few weeks ago I came across a quarter.  I decided to leave it for someone else to find.


The most I’ve ever found was $300 – 3 $100 dollar bills folded in half on the ground.  I felt so bad for whomever lost it.  It was a long shot but I turned it into the police station hoping the person might check there.  No one ever claimed it so the money was returned to me. 

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I never pickup change, leave it for kids or whoever needs it. Any bills I find I turn in to the nearest store...the most I found was $350.00 in a grocery parking lot, hope the owner came back for it.

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A Penny From Heaven


If you are needing a sign,  THIS IS IT---

When an Angel misses you, they toss a penny down.  Sometimes just to cheer you up, make a smile out of your frown.  So don't pass by that penny when you are feeling blue, It may be a penny from Heaven that an Angel tossed to you.


 (P.S.  I pick up every single one)