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Re: Well - I can relate to this!

@gardenman wrote:

Does anyone remember the song from 'The Music Man' called "The Wells Fargo Wagon is a Coming"? I wait every year for UPS or Fed Ex to hijack that song and use it to promote their companies. It would be an easy adaptation of a catchy song. I could see people running out of their houses singing, "The UPS (or Fed Ex) truck is a coming" as they grab the packages and wave at the carrier on a commercial.

I live in a retirement community and this is pretty much how people are. They all come out to the street to wait to get their packages.My neighbors must buy a ton of stuff online because the trucks are always busy in my neighborhood. Some of my neighbors fly down to Fl. for the winters and don't want to deal with heavy suitcases so they send their clothes UPS before they leave, and just bring a carryon to the plane.

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Re: Well - I can relate to this!

I love your daughter's anaology! My heart goes pitter patter when the truck slows to a stop in fornt of my house.

She was spot on!
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Re: Well - I can relate to this!

@Preds wrote:

mtc ... My boxer does the same thing and he gets upset if the package is for the neighbor instead of me.  LOL  The driver always waves to him and laughs at his barking at him.

Oh Preds, thank you so much for this memory . . . she would glare at me if he had the nerve to deliver to anybody else's house but ours . . . THANK YOU!  Heart

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Re: Well - I can relate to this!

I love hearing the stories of the doggies and the UPS men.... so sweet and funny!  Now my cat would be happy for them to deliver to anyone but me!


I did have a little miniature poodle a long time ago who bit the mailman!  She was little, but she thought she was my guard dog.   I happened to see the mail man coming to the porch one day and I don't know why, but I opened the screened door just far enough for him to hand me the mail.  She "rushed" the door, knocked it open, and jumped up and nipped his leg!  He came in, pulled up his pants leg, and it was just a small reddish place, no broken skin, but he was calling his office, telling me I would have to quarantine my dog for 10 days, etc. etc.  He really came unglued... I felt sorry for him and apologized over and over - I wondered later if he had had a bad run-in with another dog at some point.  Anyway, nothing came of it, he finally settled down, and I NEVER opened the door for anyone again!