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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

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Our local (MI) Goodwill has no more plastic bags. We bring our own reusable bags.

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

I believe it was Giant Eagle that I heard an ad for on t.v. that also said they were phasing out plastic bags.  I did not hear what their practice will be regarding paper bags and your bringing your re-usable bags.  I have been getting Aldi deliveries for some time and they have been bringing the food lately in paper bags (they charge a small fee) or else boxes from the store.  I realize that covid is not as bad, but it's still out there, so I'm not really crazy about using my cloth bags right now.  

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

@FLGators wrote:

In NJ  - The law banning plastic bags and polystyrene foam food service products went into effect on May 4, 2022


New Jersey retail stores, grocery stores and food service businesses may not provide or sell single-use plastic carryout bags and polystyrene foam food service products. Plastic straws may be provided only upon the request of the customer.

Yeah, a lot of the local stores in South Jersey ran out of bags starting in mid-April and didn't restock them knowing the ban was coming. I bought twelve reusable bags through Amazon that are working out nicely for me. Each bag is big, holds up to fifty pounds and all still look brand new after several months of use. I just have to figure out how much stuff I'm buying before I head into the store to know how many bags to take in with me.


Ironically, one of the things now being shoplifted the most are reusable bags that are for sale in the stores. People who forgot bags will pick one or more up and take them back into the store, remove the tags showing they're new, and then claim they're ones they brought in with them as they bag their groceries or whatever at the checkout. The clerks at the checkouts just have to ignore it, but reusable bag theft is now a major problem for retailers. It's costing them a lot more than providing plastic or paper bags would. At some point, they'll have to put them inside locked cases to limit the losses.

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

People are also shoplifting the hand-held shopping baskets. 

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

Not at all happy about this "...." policy!  (not a cuss word!)


We have plenty to use, but those reusable bags tend to be overstuffed and very heavy! Also, I do not want certain items bagged with other certain items. For me, it is most inconvenient!!



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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

@Trailrun23  the plastic bag ban has not been a failure in the country - maybe where you live but certainly not in the country.

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

In northern NJ, not only are plastic bags banned in grocery stores, but so are paper bags. Only option is bring your own or buy the reusable at the store. There is now a movement to bring back the paper bag option for use by delivery services like Instacart. There's been a big backlast concerning the delivery services - they pass the $1.25 (or so) charge per reuable bag to the customer and that gets ridiculously expensive. 


In my area in NY, plastic is banned and paper bags are available but the stores charge a nickle each. 


I bought some great reusable bags from Amazon. BeeGreen brand. Very strong and durable, easy to just throw into the washer. I must admit to missing some of those plastic bags - I've always used them for drippy garbage and small waste paper basket liners.

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

@catter70 wrote:

Not a fan of the new policy. Wegman's has a bin in their foyer for recycling these bags and our trash collectors accept them as recyclable. They are more than one use bags. I use them for garbage can liners and they are good for picking up after pets. I think they're more interested in saving money then the environment.  Wonder how much that saves them in the course of a year which of course won't be passed on to the customer. Plus the money they make selling us their store bags.





The term 'one use bag' makes me crazy! 


I used EACH ONE dozens and dozens of times and then recylced them properly.


HOWEVER, Weg fought the new law in NY with concrete proof that paper bags were more UNFRIENDLY to the environment.


It was NY that forced Weg to do this back then.


It was not their idea or a way to save money and burden the customer.

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

I am one of those who would re-use every single plastic grocery bag I received, defying the faulty term "single use."  Like others, I would line trash cans and use them for garbage disposal. 


Now, I purchase a variety of different plastic bags which are used once.  I never did that before. 


My "plastic footprint " has expanded and I consume more plastic than I did when receiving the grocery store bags.

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Re: Wegmans In PA, No More Plastic Bags

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No stores I know are selling bags for a nickle.  You pay over a dollar per bag.  Paper bags aren't available either.


If your store is under a certain square footage, you can still get a paper bag once in a while.


I used to use the so called "single use" plastic bags more than once.  Now, I am switching to plastic waste baskets and using them without a liner.  I just wash the interior.  Recycling papers is a nightmare now.  Everything is loose in the can and believe me, much of it blows out of the truck on pickup.  Paper bags used to hold all that loose material.  Not anymore.