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When we all beginning to return to going out of our homes, how long will you (if you do) continue to wear mask? I think I may continue until we have a vaccine or at least until we know if we will have another spread of the virus in the Fall. I am still concerned about our safety. How long do you think people will wear mask?
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Whenever they open our area, I will be in no rush to go anywhere. I will stay put and see how it goes.

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I see lots of people not wearing a mask now. I think it will be based on age and health. I plan to wear mine through the summer and maybe into fall. I don't have anything underlying conditions but tend to be a cautious person. 

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whenever our governor says that masks are no longer required in stores or on public transportation, then i will not be wearing one.

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Until a test is invented to confirm I am immune.

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I wear a mask anytime I go anywhere. I haven't even thought about a time coming when I won't need to wear it. I'm in no hurry to stop wearing it. And all I'm doing in curbside pickup at wal mart, kroger and walgreens.


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When people stop dying so much from it.

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So far, I haven't worn a mask.  As of 8 pm last evening they are mandatory for going into stores in PA.  I haven't gone to a store in two weeks.  I hope I do not have to go again for a long while.


As soon as they lift the mandatory wearing if the masks, I'll be happy.


I stay home.  I have only been out of the house three time since March.





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Here in Florida, from what I see, there aren’t many people wearing masks now. Almost no social distancing. Horribly crowded stores. 


I’m not ready to risk my life among the multitudes of fools in this state so I’m planning to stay home as much as possible for as long as possible. If I have to go out I will wear a mask but, from what I have heard, it would help me more if others did, too.


We have a long way to go to be able to say we got rid of this virus. I’m not convinced it will be gone by fall so it might just still be here rather than come back.

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I live in NYC, the governor extended the quarantine to May 15. I looked at Amazon to buy a box of 50 disposable masks. I wouldn't get it at the earliest until May 14. I'm wondering if it pays to buy them, how long will we be required to wear masks?