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So happy for you.It is not about the house and the moving,but you are staying close to your family.

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I'm so pleased for you and your family. I can't help but to think your husband must be well respected for his boss and boss's boss to do all they could to keep him in Georgia.

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So very happy 😃 for you. Enjoy! Celebrate 🎉! Relax.

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You are very fortunate that you are able to stay where you are.


I am in Maryland and LOVE the place but it is so expensive.  Housing prices are sky high and there is not much available. 


I follow the housing market closely and in our county the median cost of a home seems to be $500,000.  Anything less than that usually requires extensive renovations.


Good luck to you!!

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I'm happy for you. It's hard to pick up and move. My husband was Army and then, also a government employee. He worked at Ft Meade until he retired in 2014. He tried to get a position at APG. He wasn't able to. There was a lot of politics in his area of expertise. Personally I'd stay in Georgia.

I have lived in Maryland my whole life. I'll be 63 in 3 weeks
I also worked at APG until I retired. I live about 10 minutes away. I'm looking to leave Maryland. We're not agreeing on the next phase of life. My husband wants to sell the house and buy an RV. I want a home, where is yet to be determined.
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Thanks for all your kind words. We have been here since 95 and it took 8 PCS
moves to get us here.  Our son and his family moved in this past Feb so I spent a lot of time purging things then.  We have small 4 bedroom house so the cats had to be moved into the guest room and all the closets had to be cleaned out to get them moved in.  Once they move out and things get back to normal I will be getting rid of more stuff and getting new carpet and tile just in case.  Things you need to do but always put off. We are getting a new roof out of this. Figured insurance can pay for it  just in case we had to do a quick sale but we can enjoy it now.


Being from Pa. also is missing the good food.  We just recently got a Meodows Ice Cream parlor a few miles from my home. That was the highlight of my month till the news last week.  


The Colonel up in Aberdeen that got this mess going for all these people besides us is leaving his command next month.  Now they are trying to straighten the mess out for all the other ones that were effected.  One guy that worked for my husband put in for early retirement and the other got a year to year exception due to him having part time custody with his child.  If he left his wife would get full custody.  We expected this when we were active duty but now so close to actually retiring.  



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I'm crying for you,  I am so very happy that things worked out for you and your family.  I cannot even imagine being in a situation in which I would have to uproot and move at this stage of my life. Relax, celebrate with your family.    

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I'm so happy for you & your family. Sending a hug your way.

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@nekodaisy I am so happy for you!  You have very much to be thankful for now!  Savor every minute of your happiness! 

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@nekodaisy   So very happy that it all worked out for you.