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Re: Vitamin D might save your life from the Journal of the American Medical Association

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It's an essential vitamin, and it's free.  Just go outside when the sun is shining and warm yourself up for a few minutes.


@Carmie  As we age, we do not absorb vitamin D  as well from the sun. , so,  the natural form of Vitamine D3  is advisable for many to take that you can buy over the counter


The D 2 form  is also sold, but it is synthetic and not as absorbable.



The  VitaminD2  synthetic form is  also the prescription form that Pharmaceutical companies sell because they can not patent the D3 natural form. 


when people are prescribed the 50,000 IU form  by their doctor, most of the time they do not know it is synthetic vitamin D2.  


It would be better to buy a 5000 IU vitaminD3 and take 10. They are tiny pills and easy to take. At least you would be absorbing it well.

@SeaMaiden I don't buy into the Vit. D2 vs Vit. D3 argument and I'll tell you why from personal experience.  The standard protocol for prescription Vit D2 is to take it for 3 months to build it up in your system and then stop taking it.  Well, that didn't work so well for me as my numbers went back down as soon as i finished the prescription.  I tried quadrupleing the suggested dose of  OTC Vit D3, so I was taking 4 2000 IU/day which adds up to 8000 IU/day or 56000 IU/week.  My prescription was for 50000 IU/week.  It didn't work.  I got extreme fatigue and my doctor thought I might have a heart problem, but at least checked my bloodwork and found out I was low on Vitamin D.  So, back on the prescription Vit. D2 I went and stayed and my numbers are always good now and the fatigue is gone.