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ITA about doing online bill-paying.   I can't even imagine waiting for bills to arrive by mail.   The bill comes by email, IMMEDIATELY, and you're all set.


You pay it online and it is either immediately, or by the next day, credited.  You get a verification number for the payment by email as soon as you make the transaction.


I keep one folder for this (something like - payments/statements pending) so when I pay it, I can delete the statement email and save the 'paid' email - until the next month when I get rid of those and start over for next month.


No fuss, no muss.  


I might do more documentation than some, and that's fine, because I have such severe memory problems now.  I like to see everything each month so I know I'm up to the minute.  I also have charting that I do on paper that shows date stmt received and then a check mark showing I paid it.  This is what works for me.  Smiley Happy  That's still a lot less paper to keep around than having paper statements arrive in the mail.

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Unfortunately, my bills are taking too long to get to me too!  I had to use pay by phone & online payment the other day, because 2 bills due the first week of January haven’t arrived at my house yet. Not happy. 



@wilma.  Do yourself a favor and investigate online banking.  I've used it exclusively since the mid 90s with never a problem or late arrival.  As a plus, I've saved a fortune on postage.  Much of it between the banks and larger creditors is done electronically.


The account I had when I was single is online, & I’ve done online banking through that account. My DH doesn’t like the idea of online banking at all. He isn’t happy with that account being accessible online so I rarely use it that way. He doesn’t want to take the risk of our accounts & other info being available to computer hackers.