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Smiley LOL

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LOL!!  So true!!

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Years ago, I had  packaged an   item to send as a gift . Of course the  front of the box I had my return address label and the address to whom I was sending the gift to . Well, to my surprise , in a couple of days I received  the same package to my home instead of the intended address .

I made a new label for the box and wrote in Big Bold letters  : To         From  .  I went to the post office and  complained as the postage was not cheap . I  could not belive that they delivered it to my home and had completely ignored the  receipients address on the box. 


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"Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference."


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So true!!!! Hahahaha

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@Kachina624 @Camille1936 



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FUNNY!  MADDENING TOO! Patience...THIN.  I had to bring this up as I am still waiting on a package to be delivered to my son....sent two weeks ago....tracking just says "in transit"....REALLY? WHERE?  

Anyway, thanks for a good laugh true!!!


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@walker    Hang in there. My daughter just received a box yesterday that I sent from Atlanta on 12/10. She is in Chicago. It sat in the Atlanta distribution center for 8 days before leaving and then it took another 10 days once it reached Chicago for it to be delivered. Better late than never. Hopefully your son. will receive it soon.