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How wonderful UPS is.  I placed my order on Sunday with a scheduled delivery on 9/10.  My package was to be delivered thru UPS and then transferred to the USMail. I was just  notified that UPS will be in my area and my package will be delivered by them today.  Thank u UPS.

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Ups and fedex are  reliable for the most part, post office...omg...terrible lately..last week my package was delivered to a house that has been empty for two years, I finally found it, no thanks to them.

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I prefer UPS to FedEx.  But only for tracking.  UPS is more specific.  But both are excellent. 

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I don't get these notices but they're indicated on my shipping info when I track delivery. You never know anymore how or when your goods will arrive except for fedex which others have said too.

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After several mishaps through the years with deliveries, we finally got a post office box. Since getting it, I’ve ordered one thing and it worked. For us peace of mind. 



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I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I've gotten that notice on more than one occasion when it did not happen.  (The UPS "we'll be in your area....." notice.).  I just don't trust UPS as much these days as I used to.  Especially not their tracking info.

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@I am appleblossom I'm sure UPSers are happy to hear their work is appreciated.