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@HappyDaze wrote:

For those that say they used the foam in the can, they'd don't specifiy WHICH formula it is that they felt dried out their hair. I use the Ultra nourishing moisturizing one, not the volumizing (rise and shine) as it contains drying ingredients. I really like it. But i love the tub one (RESTORE) better now. I use both though. Sometimes I use the foam, sometimes the tub. Just depends on how I feel. I use WEN too but use Tweak-d on my scalp and will occasionally use the restore on my dry hair (ends) before I use my WEN.

I tried the nourishing version of tweak'd -  it felt great in the shower and rinsed well. But when my hair dried, it was like straw!! I watched several presentations for the instructions when Denis had his ts- I love restore though!