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The song I remember most is La Bamba. 

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I can remember sitting on my front porch listening to his tunes on my transistor radio. RIP

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Well my Mama in heaven is probably very happy! She loved Trini Lopez, we would go see him perform at Atlantic City s Steele Pier! She even made him a lemon cake for his birthday. When we were sitting in the stands watching the diving horse show we could not find my older brother. Turns out we turned around and he was sitting with Trini watching the show. Lol

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So sorry to hear Trini Lopez passed of Covid.  


Does anyone else remember his restaurants?  I lived in Texas back in the 70's and his restaurants were very popular then.  Plus, his music was hot hot hot.  Loved it!

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@qualitygal wrote:

The picture I saw of him, I knew who he was right away.  Must have been an older picture of him.  It said he was 83.


I always like to hear him sing, and sang along with him.

@qualitygal   I didn't realize he was still alive and i would have thought that he was older!  I can remember listending to some of his music in the early 1960s.