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The picture I saw of him, I knew who he was right away.  Must have been an older picture of him.  It said he was 83.


I always like to hear him sing, and sang along with him.

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Loved him way back when we listened on radios.


Sad to know he is gone.

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How sad. 

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Re: Trini Lopez has passed.

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American singer, guitarist, actor. "Lemon Tree", "If I had a Hammer". Popular songs of the time.


Was a life long bachelor. Suffered complications from COVID19.

Trini Lopez in 1963


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@qualitygal  Very sad to hear.  I still hear his music on the radio.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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Trini was popular when I was growing.  May he rest in peace.

kindness is strength
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If COVID was the cause of death, the news is even more awful. I'll always remember the touching "Lemon Tree."

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My heart is broken.


He seemed to be such a sweet fellow.


I enjoyed his music when I was young.


May he rest in peace!

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I liked Peter Paul and Mary's versions of Lemon Tree and If I Had A Hammer better. I didn't realize he was still alive until I heard this news earlier today. I hadn't heard anything about him in years. Not a favorite of mine but I'm sorry he has passed.
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 Loved his version of If I Had A Hammer....had the 45.  His music was just FUN to listen to!  The article I read said he died of Covid complications.  Very sad....may he Rest In Peace.