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The Today's Special Value should only be presented in the same time allotment as the regular presentations.  After hearing the same description over and over and over and over, I say to myself, "Get that thing away from me!  I never want to see or hear about it again!!!!"


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@fortune I LOVE your graphic!😂😂 The TSV has to be presented that way because they have new viewers tuning in every second that have not seen it and need the specs. I can understand how frustrating it is for you if you are just not interested.😁



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I haven't seen it presented in the last two hours.

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You're so right - really milking the TSV....and on most items if you notice items are only a few dollars off regular price and still charge s&h.  TSV not always that much of a value.


Now let me add to what is driving me crazy and forgive much as we hear the same presentation/comments over and over and over since so much of their programming has become repetitive...count how many times in a presentation the host or product represtative says "and again".  Logo not only loves to say "and again" but also "so chic". I could go on but I'll stop there......Smiley Happy

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They can show it throughout the day but don't need a half hour to describe a darn cardigan, especially when 20 minutes of it is unnecessary filler. It's not a tech device, new gizmo, or something that needs to be assembled. We have all worn a cardigan. It was overkill today. If they want people watching a three-hour show, it has to keep some momentum and not get stalled on over-long TSV presentstions.

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It would be nice if they could keep a little picture of it in the upper corner of the screen with the words "next presentation at 11:05am" (or whatever time) and do a 5 or 10 min sales spiel on it then move on to the next items while putting the picture back along with the next presentation time..........which hopefully isn't 2 minutes later.

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45 minutes of any tsv is overkill. i thought it usually took a half hour presentation, but the egg harbor tsv went way over that. 

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@fortune  Completely agree. It's just one reason why I very seldom watch QVC. 

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This suggestion has been made many time here on the boards.  Unfortunately QVC has convinced themselves that the only customers that feel this way are the ones that post the suggestion.  There are a lot more customers that never read the boards or post on them.  I feel there are so many great suggestions posted here whether posted as a suggestion or a complaint, QVC should read between the lines and take the information provided.  They have become their own worst enemy, scrambling to increase business by not doing anything to serve the customer.  As someone said on another thread...the Q has just given up.  

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I thought the samething!  Over 30 minutes for a presentation on a cardigan is insane!