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@DebNYC31 wrote:

You're so right - really milking the TSV....and on most items if you notice items are only a few dollars off regular price and still charge s&h.  TSV not always that much of a value.


Now let me add to what is driving me crazy and forgive much as we hear the same presentation/comments over and over and over since so much of their programming has become repetitive...count how many times in a presentation the host or product represtative says "and again".  Logo not only loves to say "and again" but also "so chic". I could go on but I'll stop there......Smiley Happy


I totally agree with you!!!  And, how about Susan Graver's "figure flattering!"

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In the case of clothing TSV’s, not only do they show the TSV for 30 minutes, but then they bring it out multiple times afterwards to show how it goes with other items being presented. Wouldn’t it make sense to just show MORE of those other items since you are still showing the TSV anyways? Two birds, one stone, so to speak.
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Someone just posted on David's IG page she was so excited to let him know she bought $3600 worth of the TSV salmon ... what!!!!  I don't even know how much it was but geez is it a "gold" salmon? Let me stop 🤐🤐🤐