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Re: Today's Special Value

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Last December I paid well over $400 for a four foot Christmas tree that is said to be the best made.  My daughter and I have asthma and can't have a real tree anymore.


Maybe those who are laughing haven't been in upscale stores lately and don't know how things have changed.

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@Noel7 wrote:

@brandiwine wrote:

I have to admit, I laughed when I saw it too. I will always prefer real to fake.  To each his own. 





Why would you laugh and then insult those who like it?


I don't have florals but I do know they are very In now because there are so many high quality artistic examples nowadays. 



Because some people believe the world should only be populated by clones of themselves.

The eyes through which you see others may be the same as how they see you.
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I'm not getting this, since I also have a similar item I purchased last year.  I can't hang a real plant in front of my kitchen window, since it just gets too much sun and heat (lived here almost 30 years, and I've tried everything). 


I think the TSV is attractive.  If I didn't, I'd keep my thoughts to myself.  

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They don't look like plastic to me-


The day I find that quality of artificial plant/flowers at Walmart.......