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Re: Today's Just Reduced Clearance

Thanks for the headsup, OP--I just purchased some 18K earrings on clearance, and they had a number of good reviews.  If they are as fine in person as they look on the monitor, this is a very good buy.


Gold prices have come down a bit, and I would think it is the alloys and bronzo that they are reducing from the inventory. 


My skin loves 18K in my ears.  Dire results with silver and mixed results with 14K for earrings. 

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Re: Today's Just Reduced Clearance

I like the 14k black pearl drop earrings.  The price is right..

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Re: Today's Just Reduced Clearance

@Pearlee wrote:

@Tinkrbl44 wrote:

Over time, all prices rise ..... have you been to the grocery store lately?   yikes.

Yes I have.  Fortunately, none of the grocery stores that I go to have substituted a much junkier, cheaper product at about the same price as whatever products have gone up in price.  They are still the same products, just more expensive.


Are you actually trying to make an analogy about buying groceries at the supermarket to substituting bronze for jewelry settings of sterling silver and gold yet charging about the same prices for them the prices they used to be when set in precious metals?  If so, I find that truly ludicrous.


Uh, no, I simply stated that over time, all prices rise.   I don't think that was ludicrous ... or particularly difficult to understand.    Well, maybe for some people, it was.