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By now everyone has seen the video of the man punching repeatedly  a woman's seat on an airplane because she used her recline button. Do you use the recline function? Do you mind if someone reclines in front of you? We never had these problems before.

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I rarely recline my seat on an airplane and if I do, it's only slightly.   We are all so close together and have no room as it is.  It seems inconsiderate to intrude on someone's limited space.


I don't agree with those who say, well. the button is there and I paid for my seat!  Just seems selfish.





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@Nancy Drew   I think it is because space has become such a premium on flights.  The seat space is excruciating small...especially for long flights.

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Forgot to add - yes, I do mind if someone reclines way back.  Hate having someone practically in my face.  

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People are so crammed into small spaces in planes they get stressed.  Where else do you sit thigh to thigh with a strange man?  I'm surprised there aren't more incidents than there are.


I usually recline the minimum.  In the upright position, the seat is too upright and uncomfortable for the duration of the average trip.

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The woman he was punching was on TMZ.  She explained he was trally pushing and hitting the seat way worse BEFORE  she video taped him.


She explained how unprofessional the stewardess was acting toward her.  She said she took into account that the stewardess was MAYBE trying to de-escalate him regarding the situation.  However, her manner ( verbal) and eye-rolling toward Wendy ( the other passenger) was terrible.


She also said the airlines are the one’s who told her to call the FBI since it happened on an airline.


She is an articulate teacher.  She’s not just someone who’s “flying off the handle”.


Again, she wanted to make it clear that the video posted was LATER.  He’d been really pushing the seat way worse before she taped him.  She taped him, she said, hoping he’d see how seriously bad he was acting and stop punching the seat.


She did put her seat upright while they ate the snack and then reclined again later.


The flight attendant, she said should have offered him another seat, if one was available.  Her main problem, I think, is more with the flight attendant.


I fly first class...well, that and the fact I have to stretch out my legs because both knees have been replaced.


I always sit in the first seat outside aisle.  My daughter makes the arrangements for me.  


The airlines cram everyone into these planes so they can hardly move.  Add that to getting to where the plane boards ( it always seems like miles away) and by the time you set your butt down in the feel like your head will explode.


Anyway, she said she put it on Twitter because she wanted to know who he is so she can make the report.


Oh!  And she said the flight attendant told her she MUST erase the videotape...which she obviously didn’t.  I don’t blame her.


My guess is with the guy in the very last seat he probably requested it or maybe was a last minute addition.  His seat didn’t recline.


This is the world we live in today.  Rudeness is the word for the day.  I wonder what Mr Rodgers would say about this interaction.


Too bad we don’t have Mr Rogers around anymore.  We sure could use some kind words and smiles these days.🙄😩

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@annabellethecat. Good grief, if this genteel lady was aggravating this man so much, why didn't she raise her seat?  Reclining was not necessary.  It sounds as though she was enjoying the little scene and did every thing possible to escalate it,  including video taping it.  You can recline slightly without laying yourself in someone's lap.

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the seats hardly recline anymore anyways.

this is why when i can i really prefer first class, especially on a long flight.

yes, i do recline and i dont mind if the person in front of me reclines.

i absolutely also need a window seat AND i prefer to sit closer to the back of the plane. Smiley Wink

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I don't recline and don't like to be behind a recliner.  I flew home yesterday.  The man in front of me reclined as far as he could go.  Didn't put his seat upright when we landed either.  


I think this incident was totally mishandled.  The guy punching the seat was ridiculous.  It's similar to road rage.  I understand he was cramped, but he took it too far.  The flight attendant was making matters worse.  I don't like it, but the lady wasn't doing anything wrong by reclining.

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I don't sit in the bolt upright position, but I don't recline all the way, but I don't care if the person in front of me reclines.  It's their right (as long as they don't do it during takeoff/landing) and it doesn't bother me.  What bothers me is lack of leg room.  I worry about blood clots since that runs in the family.  I always choose an aisle seat even if I have to sit in the back of the plane and I'll choose another aisle seat either across from me or one row ahead or behind me for my husband who is large.  The middle seat is the absolute worst.  I keep to myself, usually working jigsaw puzzles on my tablet as long as it's not a bumpy flight.  


I heard on the news that the lady had a neck problem and needed to recline.  Don't know for sure if it's true or not, but that guy is scary which is probably why the flight attendant wouldn't say anything to him.  It's one thing to be annoyed, but he went way past that to intimidation.  The fact that he didn't completely stop once he realized he was being recorded is quite telling.


I don't know why she would need to post the video in hopes of finding out who he is.  The FBI can get that information from the airline unless it was a Southwest flight whee it's a free-for-all for seating.