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Re: Tina Turner Has Died

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Ms. Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) leaves an admirable musical legacy for future generations.  And what gams!

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Loved her music and energy. Her work will live on.

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Re: Tina Turner Has Died

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@RetRN wrote:

She was blessed to live to be 83. She endured terrible abuse, a stroke, intestinal cancer, kidney failure requiring a transplant. She was lucky to have a younger husband who was able to donate a kidney.

@RetRN, She donated her kidney to him.

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What??? Never expected this.

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She was a force to be reckoned with, what a tremendous woman. RIP, Tina.

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Simply the best. Rest in peace. 🌺

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Woman of strength and talent!  Rest in power!

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rest in peace

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Yes, it's true. Got her music on right now. She'll always be with me. 

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Tina Turner was the recipient of her husband's donated kidney