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Re: The nerve of some people

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My friends weren't actually at the venue per say. It was a street event with booths set up at various places. There was no where to sit where the actual booth was so they went across the street and were sitting in the street (blocked off) by the opposite sidewalk(there is a sort of indent made in the sidewalk so a couple cars can park there) so there was no reason for those rude , stupid people to assume the chairs went with the event. Beside that Marie told them those were  personal property. Certainly you can understand why  65 year old women would not want to get in an arguement with 3 much younger men, & since there were police wandering around they chose to just go get one, which resolved the situation immed. 

@151949  Again a lot of people have put in opinions and the facts get changed late.  It makes a difference when you add the locations and that it was 3 much younger men.  Why not put all the information in the OP?????

NO FACTS WERE CHANGED - just added to clarify what others had written.

Once again - any nit picking thing to try to start a fight. GEEZ.

@151949  No, you post a lot and people respond well to your posts.  I'm reminding you that if you would put all the facts in with the OP it will give people a better chance to respond to you and a more thoughtful reply if they have all the facts.


I just think it could help your responses be better and help posters keep from getting irritated when the facts change, sometimes making their first replies seem off base.  It takes people time and thought to resond to these, so I always think of the effort they put into any response.  I am trying to be helpful to you.  I hope you will take it that way.