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Re: The Lack Of Thank You

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I know you all know this - saying a simple Thank You goes way beyond gift giving. I think this makes me that much sadder not to hear these two words for any reason let alone for a gift.


It is so easy. 


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Re: The Lack Of Thank You

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I have nieces & nephews who don't acknowledge gifts.  Stopped gifting them.  A few months ago I invited a nephew & long-time girlfriend to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field.  We had a great time.  They thanked me profusely.  A few days later, much to my surprise, I received a handwritten (by the girl) thank you note in the mail.  That warmed my heart.  So much so I took a pic to keep for posterity. 

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@Tique love your quote, just terrific.

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What about the 10 blind men? Only 1 came back to say, "thank you."

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Re: The Lack Of Thank You

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Except for one, my grand nieces and nephews never thank me for gifts or cards with money that I send them on holidays and birthdays.  Even if you can't find it in your schedule to text two words - "thank you" - I would appreciate an acknowledgment of receipt.


The odd thing is that they were not raised that way.  

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  " Teach your children well "

 " You who are the road , must have a code to live by "


 I would say something  directly , if they are family . If they are aquaintances, then  that 's the last .

I think so many children are being raised like a heard   grunting at one another , then grow up to be adults  with the same  disrespectful attitude .

Parenting counts  and lack of parenting shows

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@Tique My niece told us the same thing about the 1 year time-frame.  Think the TY card came close to their 1 year anniversary.  Now they're divorced so no anniversary gifts are expected, but we get just a cursory thank you for birthdays, etc.  Time for me to smarten up.  


All these kids (adults and young adults) have to do is show a little bit of courtesy and consideration and they would get so much more.  

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It doesn't take effort to text bc that's how they live their lives.
We live in a generation that's filled with WOKE excuses but they seldom hesitate when they need something.
I've become the Mother who has a motto concerning my daughters. They are 32 and 34. I've become only as good as the last favor I did for them.
I give out of my heart. To bring them joy yet more and more it's deadpan. I stopped asking why bc they get offensive.
This is why the separation is happening between parents of my age and this generation.
Is narcissistism too strong a word?
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I don't buy the excuse that they're too busy to send a thank you note. It only takes a minute to text someone, and at least show recognition. I wouldn't expect it, but if the person never acknowledged a gift I sent, that would be the last one they ever received. I don't understand people who make excuses for rudeness.


The exception could be if the person had health problems or other serious issues going on. Just saying they're "too busy" doesn't cut it. 

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