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Re: The Days Are Getting Shorter!

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Im in Texas and noticed its getting darker earlier...I hate Summer and the heat and humidity! And I like standard time ---And I dont care for that HOT summer sun which dosn't set until almost 9PM at night! Woman Frustrated


I DO like fall because the temperatures are cooler, and I love the fall decor....and we do have some trees with leaves that change colors...and there's FOOTBALL! Woman Very Happy


BUT my favorite season is WINTER!!! Here in Texas that's more like what the fall weather is like in the northeast..... I love wearing cozy clothes, cuddling up with a fluffy throw (or should I say fighting with my cats on who gets the throw Cat LOL), comfort foods, and the crisp cool air! 


Image result for cozy living room with fireplace


@Spurt  Is this room in you house?  I love it!!



I sure wish it was my home, but unfortunately its not, but it sure looks comfy and cozy and ready for fall/winter....

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Re: The Days Are Getting Shorter!

@NicksmomESQ I am so with you on that. Despise Winter. I do like early Fall say till mid October, then I wait and wait for the warm weather again. I live on the East Coast in MA. This past Winter was the worst in a long time.