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I thank the giver in person, but I always like to send both

in-town and out of state gift givers one of those cute Jacquie Lawson email cards that also includes a personal note....not only thanking them for the gift, but letting them know how much I enjoyed their company over the Holidays.....Now there's only 5 people I exchange gifts with these days so it doesnt take much time and effort....

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I always send them, its just common courtesy in my opinion.


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Just sent one before Christmas.  Great post.

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Re: Thank you notes

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If a person is giving me a gift, or taking me out to dinner, I thank them in person, as soon as the deed has been done.



If I am mailed a gift, I will either call the person and thank them, or send an email and thank them.



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Always send a Thank you note for any gifts I am given. I enjoy it as I like the giver to know how much I appreciate the thoughtfulness. Taught my kids to write them too as soon as they could print! 

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Our family lives back east so my DD has always send thank you notes so they know the gift was sent. She has done this since she was young. I will say I have sent wedding gifts but the thank you came 6 months later. Just understand someone that lives far away we just want you to know you got the gift. Just let us know you got it. I now just write a check so knowing it was cash I know you got it. 











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I haven't written a thank you note for many years.  I have quite an assortment of thank you notes at the ready, but I do not receive gifts from anyone and never get to use them.

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I send TY notes but very rarely receive them. I've started not giving further gifts to those that don't send them.
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I'm old fashioned.  If someone cared enough to take the time to send me something, I can take the time to thank them for their kindness with a handwritten note.  I use a correspondence card which for me is the right size.  Enough to thank them and a short note.


If it is a gift of flowers, I take a picture and send a text but I follow up with a handwritten note.


In this day and age, younger people do not send handwritten notes, some do not even acknowledge it, no note, no text, no email, no phone call.  So rude and so inconsiderate.


As long as my gift is acknowledged either by text, phone call or email, I am satisfied.


I do not understand the lack of acknowledgement.  It bothers me as well when an RSVP is required and there is no response and you have to chase them down to find out if they are attending.  Manners do not seem to count any longer.  Sad, really.

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I handwrite and mail thank you notes.  Even if I was able to thank them face-to-face.  My mother trained me well - ha. 


I agree with @Somertime.  Writing letters and notes is becoming a lost art.  Younger generations don't take the time.  

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