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Typing words makes it hard to express my gratitude to everyone that took the time to offer their condolences and thoughts regarding our loss of Toby. 


The year of 2021 was extraordinarily bad and sad for our feline family. Our furry family members went from 7 to the present 3. The youngest of which was 14 years old.


All of our feline members, that are no longer with us, were either born on our property, or for some reason chose our home to be their forever home. Of those, 2 were sisters from the same litter. The other was our Tuxedo, who was the baby boy of 1 of our 2 remaining felines. Toby found us during a very cold winter.


All were rescues in one way or the other. Our dog Lily, was rescued from a No Kill Shelter in Kansas City. She was lost somewhere in that state and given to that Shelter. My wife went there to pick her up for her late mother. For some unknown reason her mother changed her mind, and Lily made her forever home with us.


Originally planned to make this short, but as many here know, me and short posts are rare. Just can't seem to help myself!


I very sincere Thank You to all of you. Each and every post reminded my wife and I, just how many great and caring people there still are in the world in which we all live.  ♥️♥️


My wife and I,





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Love to you and Cindy

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness ~ Dalai Lama XIV

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@hckynutjohn - Thank the two of you for going out of your ways to help rescues! You have made sure many times that they know love. And they have returned that love to you!  Smiley Happy

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There's no way of getting around the pain of loss. You know we've been there and you are always there for us. You do a good thing taking those babies in like you do. Thank you.

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So sorry to hear of your loss. I know how heartbreaking it can be.

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john and deserve all the kind and caring thoughts sent your way.....because you and cindy are kind and thoughtful people.....take care.....

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You and Cindy have been true warriors in the never ending battle against homelessness for animals that are unwanted and discarded, which shows what a kind, loving heart you two have for those unfortunate animals.


I'm proud to 'know' you both and your heartwarming stories through this forum.


Thank you both for being you.Heart 

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
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Awe @hckynutjohn No thanks necessary but you and Cindy are very welcome. You have given love and care to so many beautiful animals. Losing them is the ugly part but the unconditional love they give us in return is so so beautiful. Hugs

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John and Cindy,


It is said that when an animal rescuer come to the

Rainbow Bridge 🌈  the animals they rescued 

Come to greet them and walk them across.


Blessings to you, Hope to see you there.

"Animals are not my whole world, but they have made my world whole" ~ Roger Caras
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I know it's very hard to say goodbye to our pets 


thank you both for rescuing these precious animals.


Someday, I hope to get another kitty - I miss the companionship of my loving furry kids (crossed 🌈 last year).  I've got too much on my mind & plate right now to love another.


My thoughts & prayers are with you both💐