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@Kachina624 wrote:

I had the flu in 2003.  Blood samples were sent to the state health department which confirmed it was indeed the flu.  If it has to be done by blood test, that may be the reason there's no mass testing.


I'm in the medical field, an RD. 

Flu testing, is widely done by nasal swab. I suppose their might be some strains, that require a blood test, but, that's not the norm. 

Ir you suspect you have the flu, their is a rapid test nasal swap. If it's positive, and if you're within the first 48 hrs of infection, generally, you're offered an anti viral, like Tami Flu. 

A lot of Dr's, will offer, an rx for the anti viral, to other members of the family, as a precaution.  

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@pitdakota That's pretty much what I've always known about the flu and it's also in line with everything the doctors answered about testing for it compared to testing for Covid.  One of the doctors estimated that when the medical/scientific research about this round of Covid is finally complete, the Covid death rate COULD well be 10X that of the flu.  They already know how it's spread presents far more danger.


It's hard to beleive we're not even a whole year into this pandemic, but I'm amazed with the pregress the medical community has made in treating victims.  They give me hope I'll live long enough to add pieces to my new normal.



I am so proud of the medical and nursing community as well.  What they have done is absolutely amazing.  I think back to the first days when  the docs in New York and New Orleans were blogging because that is the only way they could exchange information about what they were seeing.


Amazing what they have accomplished in just a few short months.  It seems like a lifetime to us, but in terms of medical science it is really a short timeframe. And they did this all the while placing theirselves at risk with many of them dying.  

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